Monday, April 11, 2011

In brief: documentary on current Chilean jazz

Note (June 29, 2012): links have been updated for the actual programmes, when available on line.

From today, Monday 11, at the times stated below, Tempo, a documentary series devoted to the current and very rich jazz scene in Chile. Readers of this blog are aware of the quality of current jazz to the West of the Andes. Tempo is a series up to the standard of the music it presents, combining a very simple formula, a mix of music performances and interviews, with a very sober and cared for production. It's worth watching for the music itself and because it's proof of the possibilities that video offers to expose jazz musicians in an approachable and yet non-compromised way.

Tempo can be watched live online here:

The documentary is in Spanish, obviously, but the DVD edition has English subtitles.

Timetable (UTC time):

Mondays - 23:00
Tuesdays - 03:00 and 17:30
Saturdays - 19:30
Sundays - 04:00

For instance, currently New York time is UTC -4, so programmes may be watched on

Mondays at 19:00 and 23:00
Tuesdays at 13:30
Saturdays at 15:30
Sundays at 00:00

For other time zones, you can check with this site.

Each episode is repited throughout the week at said days and times, in the following order:

Week starting on April 11: Christian Gálvez
Week starting on April 18: La Marraqueta
Week starting on April 25: Nicolás Vera Quinteto
Week starting on May 2: Gonzalo Palma Trio
Week starting on May 9: Ensamble Quintessence
Week starting on May 16: Aluzinati
Week starting on May 23: Ogros del Swing
Week starting on May 30: Cristián Cuturrufo
Week starting on June 6: Jorge Díaz Trio
Week starting on June 13: Contracuarteto
Week starting on June 20: Martin Joseph

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