Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sidney Bechet... and Eddie Condon (and Bird!) in colour

The wonders of the Internet. I just saw this beautiful montage on Sidney Bechet (the song is "Dans les Rues d'Antibes"):

Watching carefully, you'll be able to see Eddie Condon and his 4-string guitar in different occasions with his all-stars, also, although very briefly Buddy Rich, Kid Ory, and Muggsy Spanier, and, most surprising of all, the unlikely group of Charlie Parker, Chubby Jackson, and George Wettling, starting at 1:51.

L to R: Charlie Parker, Chubby Jackson, George Wettling

The next frames give the game away: This was on WPIX. From Peter Losin's discography of Charlie Parker, this was a jazz magazine Metronome's Award Show on said TV station, from February 21, 1949. Besides Parker, Jackson and Wettling, Shorty Sherock was on trumpet, Sidney Bechet on soprano sax, and Joe Bushkin on piano. Charles Delaunay was the MC. Tap-dancer Teddy Hale performed with the band on "Lover", and he can also be seen (at 0:36).

It'd be interesting to know whether this telecast is preserved at all, but don't raise your hopes about the sound... (See Losin's link, above, for the transcription of the dialogues).

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Sony (France) 88697526292
PS (May 23, 2013):

About the source of the images above, like the original poster on YouTube says, the clip above was taken from a 40-track CD released on May 12, 2009. It's actually a 2-CD set called L'Histoire de Sidney Bechet an almost straight reissue (with some extras) of a 1969 double LP produced by Charles Delaunay on the 10th anniversary of Bechet's passing; the CD was released in 2009 by Vogue/Legacy/Sony in France, catalogue number 88697526292.

The video clip is an extra track at the end of CD2, and the specific credits for the clip read
(P) 1996 Sidney Bechet Productions
Réalisation: Bruno Resnais
... le clip vidéo avec l'aimable autorisation de Sidney Bechet Productions,
More screenshots:
Chubby Jackson

Teddy Hale

Teddy Hale, George Wettling
And again, Bird, Chubby Jackson, and George Wettling:

TV station camera:

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Nick Rossi said...

My jaw just dropped. What a wonderful find!