Thursday, July 12, 2012

Drums galore: Shaughnessy & Rich

In his memoirs, just published as an e-book, Ed Shaughnessy tells the story of the drum battle with his friend Buddy Rich on Johnny Carson's show. He first explains the little arrangement they made with band leader Doc Severinsen, and then he tells his little talk before and after the show:
... I said to him, "Now look, we're friends. Of course I want you to play good. I know you're going to play good, but don't get out there and start doing... that stuff that nobody can possibly do..."

He said, "Ah, don't worry. You have nothing to worry about... I wouldn't do that to you"...
[Watch out for Rich at 2:18]

... And I was laughing... instead of trying to compete with that - which no one could do - I just clicked the sticks high up...

I went back to the dressing room after the show and said to him, "Hey, old friend, whatever happened to our deal?...

He looked at me and said, with mock sincerity, "You know, I just got carried away".

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